Friday, March 15, 2013


I planted 10 tulip bulbs on the balcony in autumn. Just yesterday I noticed that I have 10 small  tulips.  I am looking forward to having beautiful 10 tulips of mixed colours in few weeks!

When admiring small tulips an ugly thought crossed my mind. How come that I had more then 10 embryos transferred and not even one could live? 

When I started to blog my husband kept asking me: But what will you write about (he obviously knew that I wanted to write about life after infertility). Infertility scared me for life. Yes, I have plenty to write about...


  1. Hugs Klara. Yes, but hopefully those tulips will give you joy, reminding us all that after pain, there is new life (even if that new life is our own) and growth and joy.

  2. A long warm hug to you, Klara.....