Thursday, September 6, 2012

Drugs? No, thank you!

I am learning all the time. Last time that I went to my gynecologist, I really felt bad, while waiting with all pregnant ladies. So for today's appointment (Pap cervical smear) I wanted to be the first patient, early in the morning. It was lovely to come to completely empty waiting room :)

We talked a bit. So I explained about my ten (!) IVFs. And how demanding the last cycle, using donor egg, was. And that we gave up and are just trying to enjoy our childfree life, as it is. My conclusion was that despite all efforts, medicine can not help always. And my gynecologist agreed.

She noticed the remark on my chart that I have regular periods, every 24 days. Lots of doctor knew that, but nobody paid any attention to it so far. My gynecologist said that we could put my periods in order. And I just asked, if she meant taking some drugs. Obviously that was the intention.

I just started to laugh and explained that I have taken enough drugs till the end of my life.

So...  my period & I will live happily ever after, every 24 days. Till it disappears... for good.

I feel good. Having a power to say No, thank you, to drugs.


  1. I have to make my annual appointment before the end of the year and are somewhat dreading it. Last year, it was..."are you doing anything to prevent pregnancy, another client got pregnant and didn't know it"...ughgh... I am at an office that just does GYN, not OB - so at least there are not a bunch of pregnant woment in the waiting room.

  2. Yay, no to drugs! Glad you're feeling empowered.

  3. I too will be heading to the gyn very soon. Unfortunately, I am in very early menopause - I am 43 and I haven't had a period in close to 6 months. My fertility Dr. insisted that I start hormones immediately but I refused. The hormones were the exact same as what I was on when I was going through fertility treatments. I have had enough of s*#$ in my system to last a lifetime. I am muscling through the hot flashes (these are horrible!!), and I take my calcium, but at the moment, I too am saying No, thank you, to drugs!

  4. Here's to feeling empowered!!!! And good thing to know that the waiting room was empty! :-D

  5. I wonder what she wanted to do to your short cycles? Give you a birth control so you can have a cycle twice a year? If they are regular and don't cause pain or excessive bleeding than there is no need to mess them up. (This is from the conversation with my OB/GYN re my own cycles that are short as well).