Friday, September 14, 2012


Some days ago I was chatting to a woman I know through work. She is around 30 and planning to have a baby in the near future.

I was commenting her tattoo. Not that I would ever have a tattoo myself. But I liked hers.

She said that she would have further two tattoos in the following years: two tattoos with a name for each child she is planning to have. I joked and said that she has to have then a tattoo with the name of her husband as well. 

She responded that with men you never know, how long it was going to last so she would never have a tattoo with husband's name. And when you have a child, you have him for good.

I couldn't keep quiet and I disagreed. I commented that you have a child for 20 years or so. But then there is no guarantee that you really have him / her still in your life. 

My mother - for example - she really has my dad. He has been with her every day for the last 42 years. But - does she really have me? I love her (well, both of them). But for me, it is quite enough if I see them once a month. So - does my mother really have me?

Since not having children I really focused all my love towards my husband. I really really feel he is the love of my life. And yes - if I had a tattoo - I would love to put his name somewhere on me. To be always close to me. For good.


  1. So, my picture of the flower is part of my wedding bouquet. I also have a tattoo of it on my side on my ribs. Unless I wear a bikini, which isn't very often, only me and my husband see this tattoo. I placed it there so every time I see it I remember the happiness and the feelings from that day. It's not my husband's name, but it's a tattoo to remember a day I never want to forget. I didn’t get it right when we married either. I think it was about 7 years after our wedding after we had been through some very good, and some very bad times together.

    1. lovely & romantic, to have a flower from your wedding bouquet!

  2. You wouldn't catch me having kids with a man I wasn't certain I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. Just sayin.