Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Home, sweet home :)

I am very proud - I baked my husband's favourite cookies and they are delicious! The reason for baking: I wanted to do something special, to celebrate a very special moment for us.

We have been working on a blueprint of our house for years.  It is pre-fab house, they started to build it few days ago. Today was the very first time that we could go inside, and see all the rooms. It is just priceless - walking the rooms of our house for the very first time.

We are so very happy :) :)

The last time we were so happy was 15 years ago, when we bought our apartment, moved in, got married one month later and then went to our honeymoon for one month (Canada & USA, riding 10.000 kilometers with Amtrak and Viarail). 

And then, for the last 15 years we didn't have any big news.

We just love the process of building the house (although it is stressful from time to time).

We are looking forward to late autumn when we move in :)  


  1. That's so exciting, Klara! And those cookies look yummy.

  2. Mmmmm, they look delicious!
    Congragulations on this wonderful new exciting step!
    Enjoy every bit of it
    Love from snowy France :)

  3. Dear Klara, what wonderful news! Being able to walk through your own house for the very first time... wow! Congratulations! And the cookies look just perfect, mhm :-)

  4. Wow!!! How fun to walk through your new home!!! And, wow, those cookies!!! I am very happy for you and your husband! :)))

  5. Those look delicious! So glad you have something wonderful to celebrate -- I hope you'll show us some house photos eventually!

  6. I am so excited for you and DH! I can't wait to see the finished product, hopefully in person someday!