Sunday, February 4, 2018

Having time

For many years I feared Saturdays. Saturday is a day that my husband always works and I never. During the darkest years of my infertility I found it hard to fill time. I felt lonely many times.

I don't know when it changed but I love Saturdays now. This is the day of the week that it is completely up to me. I can do whatever I wish.

Yesterday I visited my granny who takes care (together with the rest of the family) after her childless 85-year-old sister.  They have also a cat, but the cat is not allowed to go inside.

It was only yesterday that it occurred me that perhaps the old aunt would to see the cat. Since she has been in bed for the last three years, she can't even look outside to see the cat. So I let the cat inside (my granny wasn't happy about it) and the cat immediately started to cuddle with the aunt. It was a perfect moment - I loved it that I was able to do something kind for an old helpless person.

This was the moment that I decided - when I am very old - I want to find for me and my husband a nursing home that includes some pets (at least one cat).

Our old age is luckily many decades away, so I decided not to worry about it now.

After the visit I took my beloved Wolf for a long walk through the snowy forest. We both enjoyed it.


  1. How lovely that your grandaunt got to see the cat after three years in bed. What a great idea! Also, I love the picture of your Wolf in winterwonderland :-).

  2. That was so kind of you to take the cat in. Pets in general are wonderful therapy for elderly people. I want to have a pet again when I am elderly too.

    And I am so glad that you love Saturdays now.

  3. I really like this. I really like that you let the cat inside for your aunt. Animals are so incredible. I have really been missing my dog lately. I look forward to getting another one in a year or two. I am going to have to keep your great idea in mind for the future--to find a nursing home for myself that allows pets.

  4. I love that yo left the kitty inside!