Thursday, February 1, 2018

Everybody’s kids

I had to work few weeks ago on a business event for few days. I was talking with lots of colleagues that come from the same industry as I do, among others I met a lovely 24-year-old girl.  We talked about lots of things, among other she told me that she is freshly in love and described him. On the day number 3 she came to me and said that she was sorry, but that she lied to me. She explained that at the beginning she wasn't sure whether she could trust me or not. And that she wished to share with me that her new love was a girl. It was a lovely feeling - that there was a young person who trusted me. 

After the event we stayed in touch via email. Few days ago she wrote me that she would love to meet me, together with her girl-friend.  I invited them to my home town (by the way: it is very pretty) for a walk & tea & apple pie.

I was honoured, that a girl that could easily be my daughter doesn't see me as an old boring person :)

It made me think of  Dolly Parton and her  thought that everybody’s kids could be hers.  When I think about this young girl, I feel the same. I don't have children, but this doesn't  mean that I don't have contacts with the next generation.

I guess that this girl sensed that I do not have a traditional life. That I am different. And she is different too, in other way. So she feels comfortable talking to me since she feels I am not someone who judges others.

I am looking forward to meeting them.


  1. I love this story!

  2. She sensed, too, your beautiful heart.

  3. How nice to be recognized as someone who does not judge others! I hope you all have a lovely visit. :)

  4. I hope you have/had a lovely visit together! :)