Thursday, January 5, 2017

Writing Your Way to Happiness

First of all: a Happy New Year to you, my reader! Wishing you good health, happiness, and success in the coming year and always.

I came across this article again:
Writing Your Way to Happiness

and I just love it. I agree with it completely.

How cool it would be if I read a sentence: 
In another study, researchers focused on childless women who were struggling to adjust to living without children. The study found that the women who took part in the writing felt much better  than those in a control group.
It is not written in the article, but it could easily be. 

PS: If you ever decide to start writing a new blog about childless living after the infertility, do share it with me please.


  1. Ha Klara I do think your sentence is true anyway! maybe we should do a survey of all the similar bloggers we know. Also this from the piece: “These writing interventions can really nudge people from a self-defeating way of thinking into a more optimistic cycle that reinforces itself,”. I feel a bit like that after starting to write. I was always using the infertility and childlessness as a hook to hang all the bad things about my life on. After purging things on the blog, I feel less self-absorbed about those things - they will not be my crutch for the rest of my life! Thanks for the interesting link.

  2. What a great article! I agree, too :-).
    Thanks for sharing, dear Klara!
    I guess that in a few years' time, there will be more newspaper coverage on the childless since there will probably be even more of us. Not that I wish for it (I am sorry for every single person who cannot have kids), but people try to start a family always later and later, and reproduction medicine cannot cure everything. I suppose that there will be a time when they will not be able to ignore us anymore!

  3. Happy new year, Klara! I think I missed this article when it was first published, so thanks for sharing it. I wholeheartedly agree that writing helps!

  4. Writing definitely helps! In fact, writing has helped me even more than I thought it would!! Thank you Klara. :)