Saturday, January 7, 2017

Why I don't have children?

An adventure day with both older nieces (aged 7 and 9) was great.  We did lots of fun things together in just 4 hours.

When driving home suddenly the oldest niece asked me: "Klara, how come you don't have children?"
I replied that I will tell them about it when she is older.
Then also the little one became interested and wanted to know when would I tell them. I replied that when they are 12.
They protested - since it is impossible - they will never be 12 at the same time!
So I promised to tell them when one is 12 and the other is 14.
The older girl wasn't happy with the solution since it means she will have to wait 2 years longer.
I explained that - starting from now - they will both have to wait exactly the same time :)

The conversation didn't make me sad. But I just didn't want to open that topic with them, they are too young.

If I replied that I couldn't have children, they would insist to know why I couldn't have them.
One girl still believes in Santa Claus and the other still wants to believe....
I just didn't want to tell them that not all dreams come true.


  1. A few years ago, a friend's little daughter, who must have been about five years old at the time, had just been learning about how babies are made. She asked me if I had wanted to be a mommy and have a baby in my tummy. I had to find a way to gently explain that sometimes tummies are broken and don't work right. And then disengage from the conversation so she couldn't see the knife twisting in my heart.

  2. I think that is a good answer! I have a harder time with grown women who ask that question. What can I say? Sometimes I don't feel like going into all the details, and it is quite rude to keep prodding me for more informationie
    Your neices are so lucky to have you in their lives! My 2 nieces didn't want us in their lives at all.

    Happy New Year dear Klara!!

  3. I want to send hugs. Big hugs. It's hard answering questions. Though personally I find it easier to answer a child's innocent questions than an adult's judgemental ones.