Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My veggies

I was so busy in the summer that I didn't even have time to post my beautiful veggie photos. I am attaching one summer photo.

Since I had so many zucchinis and peas, I put lots of it in the freezer; so I am enjoying in lots of veggie winter soups (and they taste so much better since I know that I grew the veggies, completely without any chemistry).

I have read this article:
Unexpected health benefits of gardening

I am looking forward to another gardening season that will start in less then 3 months.


  1. Yum, your zucchinis look great!

  2. Your zucchini look amazing... I agree with the health benefits of gardening. It's fab. About ten years ago I made a raised bed and put lots of efforts into growing vegetables. I had to stop a couple of years ago, totally defeated by the horrible Irish wind, rain and mud that trashed the garden every other week; the rampant slugs and stony soil; and the feral cats. It's so thankless doing it in Ireland. It doesn't surprise me that they used to only grow potatoes. I would love to live somewhere a bit dryer, cleaner and sunnier to really enjoy growing salads and veggies. Keep at it, it's an amazing hobby.

  3. How beautiful! It must be so rewarding to grow your own vegetables (and flowers, as we can see on the picture)!

  4. I just know your veggies taste so much better than anything I could buy at the grocery store. I have never grown anything. I am such a city kid! And I'm afraid to put in all the work because of all the critters that would benefit from my hard work (squirrels, cats, rats, raccoons, etc.). One day though, I am going to try! Until then, I will admire your vegetable photos. :)

  5. Oh those veggies look great. I’ve thrown in the towel with this summer’s veggie garden. The days have been way too hot and with no rain, it’s been very unsuccessful. My tomatoes have been cooked on their bushes….I have one little aubergine plant defying the odds, so maybe I’ll get to harvest something before the season changes.