Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lovely mini holidays in Croatia

I have just returned from lovely mini holidays in Croatia, I was on this island: http://www.krk.hr/en/
It was sunny and very warm, so we spent lots of time on the beach. Those two photos are from the only day that was cloudy, so we had a bit of time for sightseeing.

I didn't check my email for 4 days, so it was only today that I read a thank you email from someone from other part of the world who is accepting her childless life. I was deeply touched to read her email, especially the lines: ", and your blog has been a HUGE part of my healing."
Thank you for writting to me..... wishing you all the best!  


  1. How lovely! I have good friends in Croatia right now (they drove from Poland via Slovenia). I wonder if you bumped into them?! lol

    Isn't it nice to receive grateful emails? In your case, it is well deserved.

  2. Dear Klara, what beautiful news. I am glad that you have spent lovely days on the beach and that you received such a nice email. I am sure that your blog is a help to many women around the globe.

  3. How nice!
    I remember we spent a few weeks on this island when I was a child. It was back in 1985, and at the time it was the only way for us to meet with our family (aunts, uncles, cousins), who could go there as well, but were not aloud to come to the country where we lived. I recall it was beautiful there.

    1. What precious memories you have. I hope the times that it is not allowed from one European country to another will never return.