Monday, August 29, 2016

Today's delicious photo

I cycled many hours today to earn this delicious ice-cream.
It was worth it :)

Kilometers cycled so far this year: 650.
I hope to reach 1000 till the end of October.


  1. Mmmmh, looks indeed delicious!
    And the picture is beautiful.

  2. What kind of ice cream is it? Looks yummy!

    1000km is very ambitious! I have faith that you'll achieve it though!

  3. Amazing flavour... what is the town in the background? Reminds me of Saltzburg

    1. good guess! It is Ljubljana, our capital. It resembles a bit Salzburg, many visitors say so.
      Distance between Salzburg and Ljubljana: 285 kilometers.

  4. What a beautiful photograph! I hope you enjoyed the cycling, too ;-). The ice cream looks and sounds delicious.

  5. sounds like you definitely earned your reward after all that cycling! Great picture

  6. Delicious looking desert in such a beautiful place, and your achievements are amazing! I am so jealous of your biking because I am embarrassed to say but I never learned how to ride a bike :( I know I could learn right now but I am too scared to fall :( I will be enjoying your beautiful photographs!