Sunday, August 7, 2016

A mammography screening

I have a mammography screening in two days and since I haven't had my period for the last two months, I wanted to be sure that I am not pregnant. So I did the test.

Not that I wish to have a child that late in life.

But still, it is depressing to see negative test. Since it brings back so many sad memories from the past. 

The first mammography screening was very hurtful. I hope it will be better this time.


  1. Sending big hugs to you! If I were in your shoes I would have taken a test too, and I know I would have felt the same about it. Fingers crossed that the procedure is easier on you this time.

  2. Like you, I've taken pregnancy tests in my 40s. It's a weird feeling, knowing that it's probably something else that is causing the missing period, thinking that you don't want to be pregnant at this stage - such conflicted emotions.

    Apparently the older we get, the better the mammographies are, as our breasts become less dense. I've not noticed a great improvement!

  3. Yuk, I'll be crossing my fingers for the mammo... Greetings from Singapore ;-)

  4. Ahw. I hate pregnancy tests, too. I guess that's normal when all you've ever had are negative tests. I hope your mammography went well and hurt less this time.

  5. I haven't read ahead but I hope your mammogram went well with good results. (((hugs)))

    1. thank you all for good wishes! I will get the results within one month. Procedure this time was much easier this time since the doctor was very kind.