Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I only count the happy hours

Thank you for your kind comments and emails. I really appreciate them.

I've recently read Hilary Mantel's Giving up the ghost. I loved the quote "I only count the happy hours" so much. In situations like this, I need to focus on the happy hours.

And this is one of them - see the attached photo. Swimming with beloved Wolfie in my favourite alpine lake:
3-hour walk around the lake is my favourite walk ever. I can't wait that Wolfie grows up, so he will be able to walk the whole circle.

I am only 42 but still, owning a little house is very important for me. Also for DH.
It is our financial security for old age.
When the time comes,  we could sell it and buy nursing care for us.
It is awful that I think about aging now.
We are way too young to think and worry about that now.
It just plain sucks, to be childless-not-by-choice.
If I had children, I would be calmer regarding aging.
Now I just know that this is the time that we have to build our financial security for old age. There will be nobody for us then.
We will have only each other.

Our new plan for the next few years:
Work more. Earn more. Save more. Spend less. No more travelling.
Start the new process of buying something smart somewhere in the future.


  1. I know what you mean about aging. I'm not worried about being lonely or isolated. But I am worried about financial security. I don't think my friends understand that - even though they don't want to - having children can be a safety net. And I know what it is to put travelling on hold/off the menu. That sucks too!

    I also really want to come and do that walk around your lake! Your country is so beautiful, I hope that (one day when travelling is back on the menu) to come back.

    1. I guess that friends with kids can not truly understand our worries about aging / financial security.
      I also never worry about being lonely or isolated.
      Deal - the first walk that we will do, is to walk around this alpine lake, whenever you come to Europe again. And - New Zealand is still on our travelling list. For one day (when travelling is back on the menu)

  2. I love little Wolfie! Next summer he will be walking the whole lake with you! :)

    I worry about getting old and not having a safety net too. Part of me thinks I'm too young to think about these things. But I know that I have to!

    Slovenia and New Zealand are both on my traveling bucket list (someday)!

  3. "Giving Up the Ghost" is in one of my gargantuan to-read piles -- must bring it up closer to the top again. ;)

    As Mali said in your previous post, you did the best you could with the information you had when you bought your property. But it really does suck. :p Time for Plan B, I guess (& hey, we're sort of experts at that now, aren't we, albeit in a different aspect of our lives...!). (((hugs)))

    1. exactly, we are experts.
      In our country there is a proverb: "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."
      I guess I am very strong now :)