Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I remember writing this post:

How I miss the time, when I regretted nothing.
I still don't regret swimming at that pool and loosing my fertility.
It is just damage done when travelling. And I love travelling so much.


Lately there is one regret that paralyses me.
Me and my DH bought small piece of land few years ago in order to build a house.
We were dealing with bureaucratic issues for the last few years.
And now it is clear that it will be impossible to build there for at least 2 -3 decades. Perhaps even more. Which means that we had thrown away 70.000 EUR. Which is huge amount of money considering that an average nett monthly pay in our country is 990 EUR.

We are angry at ourselves. Mad. Bitter.

We regret throwing that money away.

We regret not having any other option right now. And we need to do something. We really can not stay in the flat we live now (it is higher floor, lots of stairs, no elevator - we just can not stay old and childless in that flat).

I am having a bad day today. It will be a new day tomorrow.


  1. Hugs, hugs, hugs. No words, this just sucks! I just can't believe you can't build your house all because of stupid red tape.

  2. Jesus.....I am so sorry. No words for that.
    Big hugs !

  3. Hugs from me too, Klara. I remember the beautiful area near where you bought the land (we visited the church you told us to see). So bureaucracy means that you can't sell it for anyone else to built? That's awful.

    But you didn't know that when you bought it. You didn't intentionally "throw your money away." You made a decision together based on the information you had at the time, a decision for a better future. You can't blame yourselves for that, even though I know it must hurt terribly that you've lost that money.

    More hugs from both of us.

  4. Oh, no...I'm SO sorry to hear this, Klara. This totally sucks. :-( Agree with what Mali said, though. It wasn't something intentional. (((HUGS)))

  5. How horribly devastating. I cannot even imagine. I wish I knew what to say to help you feel better.

  6. Oh Klara!!!!! I am just now reading this. So very, very sorry. Write me if you need to vent further...