Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fit Granny

There are huge billboards in our town, promoting local Fitness centre. They have many different classes, one is called Fit Granny. And the description on the billboard states: for women over 50. 

How horrible name for a fitness class. It makes me angry whenever I see it.

Hello! Not all women are grandmothers.  Can't you get it?  
(not to mention that I will be 50 within 8 years and I am still coming to terms with the fact that I will never be a mother).

I am so boycotting this fitness centre. 

(my friend's father attends fitness centre and the name of his class is Silver Sneakers. I love this name.)


  1. Argh! And I love the Silver Sneakers name. Much better!

  2. uahh...so let´s hope that this stupid marketing concept won´t be successful for them.:-) being cnbc really is a lifelong competition. so we have to train our spirit and our skills for that long distance run. and .... we will see who will perform better becoming older and facing that challenge. with or without taking part in fitness classes :-) and I have an idea who will win the "race"
    Good Morning from Germany

  3. What a terrible name. The worst part is that whoever came up with this name probably never even thought twice about it. I would boycott that gym too. Silver Sneakers is a much better name!

  4. The name probably fits the members, and the gym is meant to attract a specific audience. Let's hope it actually succeeds and pulls out all grannies from the gyms we belong to! :)

  5. Yes! And I daresay there are a lot of women over 50 out there who are grandmothers, or who may want to be a grandmother -- someday -- who don't particularly like being labelled "Granny" (especially for someone else's profit). ;)