Sunday, January 18, 2015

Missing Dalmatia

Today I just got this sudden desire that I need my summer dose of swimming in the sea on my favourite Croatian island (photo attached). 

I have just written to the owners of the apartment where we always stay. Hopefully they do have some availability for us.

I love swimming in the sea.

(I am off for a swim in a swimming pool now. It can not be compared to swimming in the crystal clear sea, but better this then nothing)


  1. Gorgeous! I hope that the apartment has some availability for you!

  2. That's funny, simply because just before I was thinking about how much I want to go swimming. In my (wimpy) opinion though, it is too cold to swim in the sea in NZ. (Though my sisters would disagree). Though if I recall, the Adriatic in September was pretty cold too!

    1. Adriatic is my favourite sea for swimming. It has 23 C / 24 C in July and August.

  3. I have already got:
    - confirmation of the apartment
    - confirmation at work for absence

    I am looking forward to July :)