Saturday, January 3, 2015

Too late for God's miracles

I know a kind older priest who knows a lot about dogs and I phoned him today for an information regarding canine word. 

At the end of the conversation regarding dogs he asked if we have any children now. 
I responded:  "We don't since the God didn't give us any."
(BTW: what a cool answer it is, I was quite proud by responding this way and not feeling any sadness). 

The priest said: "Don't worry, God will give you children." 
And I responded: "No, it is too late for us. We tried for many years and it didn't work out."
The priest: "God's miracles are everywhere, miracle will happen when you least expect."
Me:   "No, you can not say this to me. I am too old. Do you know that my next big round birthday will be already 50? It is way too late for God to help with any miracles."

So the priest started to apologize, he said I looked way younger.  

Yes, I am way too old for a baby. 
But I am exactly in the perfect age to find myself a perfect puppy.

Life is beautiful when you have something to look forward to.


  1. Good luck on the puppy search!!!

  2. First, let me start with the happy part. I squealed with delight when I saw the word "puppy." I am so excited that you're looking for a new family member, and yes, you are the perfect age for this!

    Second, I love your responses to the priest. He was rude to ask but you responded in the best possible way. I highly doubt he'll ask again. (I will reserve my thoughts about god and fertility for a different time.)

    Third, it makes me happy that you didn't feel any sadness. You are so strong!

    1. Yes, I could also write a really long topic about god & fertility.

      Well, I am not strong, it is just that time healed me. You see, for us it was in September 2011 when we realized that we would never ever have children (=when the last 10th IVF did not work out and we decided to stop). So, it was already 3 years and 4 months ago.
      Time does heal. Time does make you stronger.

  3. Yes! The perfect age for a perfect puppy. (How exciting!)

    How frustrating though to have to have that argument with the priest. I hope he thinks twice when he says this to another woman.

    1. I also hope that he thinks twice before saying this to another woman.
      I really must admit that this is an advantage of getting older - on average I have now only twice per year a conversation like this.

  4. YEEEESSSS! Perfect age to get a puppy. That's right.

    Sorry to hear that the priest was insistent. Agree that life's beautiful when you have something to look forward to.

  5. Can't wait to see the pictures of the puppy you get!!!

  6. I too am hoping that priest will think the next time he opens his mouth to another woman about having children. :p

    I am already looking forward to some puppy pictures! :)

  7. Oh, I will be looking forward for the puppy stories and puppy pictures! We decided we will get a kitten this year, very excited as well :)

  8. Puppies are the BEST. (((HUGS))) I can't wait to hear about it!!