Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pacific Highway 1: from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara

So many lovely memories. I love travelling! 


  1. Dobro jutro, Klara :-)
    I found your blog this weekend and now I started to read it from the beginning on. I am very pleased to find other European Blogs beside the English community - we are much to quiet in Europe if we have to coming to terms with letting go the dreams of motherhood, I think. Thank you for sharing your story and thoughts. I put a link to your blog on our german blog now :-)
    Želim vam sretan Božić !
    Love from Europe

    1. Liebe Isa,
      ich habe bemerkt das nur heute hatte ich 24 Besucher aus Deutschland. Vielen dank für das Link.
      Ich fand deine Titel: Manchmal ist es nie - Vom Kinderwunsch zum Leben ohne Kind - sehr sympatisch.
      Ich spreche auch Deutsch (venigstens ein bischen.... ich werde gern was lesen).
      viele liebe Grüsse aus Slowenien.

    2. That´s great. Your german is pretty good ! Better than my english ;-)
      Ja govorim malo hrvatski. Bez gramatike :-) Ja razumijem ali ne i citati.
      Ich freue mich, Deinen Blog gefunden zu haben.
      Wir lesen uns :-)
      xoxo, Isa

    3. dear Isa, that's perfect. That means that your parents (or grandparents?) come from Croatia. Which probably means you go to the seaside to the most beautiful sea - in Croatia. Which means you have to drive through my country. Which means we can meet one day soon :)

    4. you are more right than wrong ;-)
      and yes.....meeting some day could be really possible :-)

  2. Some really lovely shots you and DH have taken. I particularly like the rocky one 10th photo down. And the pelican on the railing.

  3. I was wondering how your trip went......beautiful pictures! Think I need to get on a plane soon.....