Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bitter sweet

I finished the work early yesterday, I went to the largest book fair in our country. Tons of great books! I didn't buy anything for me, I always borrow them at the library or buy on Book depository if I want to read them in English.

I did buy tons of lovely children's magazines and one picture dictionary. It felt good - having enough magazines for whole year to give as small gifts to my nieces and to children of my cousin. 

But if felt sad - to think of all great stories that I will never be able to read to my children. 

So it was bitter-sweet, when I briefly visited my nieces in the evening. I gave the dictionary to my oldest niece (aged seven, she already knows some basic English words, including elephant / dog / cat :)   and we were learning some new words. And I read some rhymes to the little one, she loved them.

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