Friday, June 14, 2013

Not interesting!

The summer came to my country. It is hot & sunny & perfect.

This means that all people that have kids either in kindergarten or in school are having good-bye picnics these days.

I spent almost whole day with a coworker (mother of two) in the neighbouring country, visiting some clients.And this coworker was the 5th woman this week that felt the need of explaining me the process of buying a present for the teacher (including the amount of money spent and all details of the gift).

Do they REALLY think that this is something I find remotely interesting?

(it was lovely to return home, to my beloved Wolf. He never gives me any unwanted information).

I wish you all a beautiful weekend.
Mine will include some cycling and lots of working in the garden.


  1. Is buying a present for the teacher a custom? Never heard of such a thing in my home country - at least not when I was still a student. However, we loved giving birthday gifts for a particular killer Math teacher when I was in High School, because that meant that he'd spend the day all smiles and we'd skip our Math lesson HA HA HA HA HA HA...and he'd be in a very good mood that particular day. :-D

    It's finally sunny here as well, 18'C - after bouts of rain and cold weather (it went down to near 0'C during the nights sometime during the past week he he...). Have a brilliant weekend yourself!

    1. yes, it is a custom.... but only for teachers for kids aged 1 - 8 years aprox.

    2. Oh IC IC...that's interesting. :-)