Friday, August 31, 2012

The art of conversation

Today was a beautiful day. It already started with a nice surprise - Mali included me in her blog: 

I had to work really hard today at work, but I did not mind since I felt so good.  It was a comforting thought - I am not alone.  I have soul-mates all around the world that understand me.

I am really happy that I wasn't born before Internet was discovered :)


  1. My coworker more recently stated that he thought blogging was stupid.

    All I could think...yeah, maybe one day you won't have children and might think otherwise...

    For someone that thinks blogging is stupid, I have to say - he completely annoys me. He uses Facebook constantly while at work. If you are on Facebook, you are not working... Ugh...

  2. I'm SO glad about the internet, as well. First of all, I found hubby online and then a lot of the people I've met online have also saved my sanity ever since I moved to Finland. :-D

  3. I'm really happy I was born in an era when the Internet was invented too. I don't think kids today - who have always known the internet - fully appreciate the wonder of chatting with friends from US, Finland and Slovenia.