Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The kids & fitting in


I love taking photos. I took my  nephews and nieces for a photo shooting. The light wasn't that great so the pictures aren't perfect. But they are beautiful anyway.

I don't have many opportunities to have kids just for myself, this opportunity was rare so I took advantage of it.

Everything was so easy and perfect. I drove to my home town to meet the kids. We went for a walk into the town centre and there was an event for kids so we stopped a bit to watch. I took the photos, we ate the cake. I didn't have any particular plan for that day, but everything came together just perfectly.  

I noticed that while attending the event, there were many people looking at me, nodding and greeting (nobody had as many kids as I did that day ;)  It was so easy to be a part of the town life. The town, that made me feeling invisible in the last two decades since I just didn't fit it.  

The youngest niece is now almost three and a half. She asked me where I live so I explained. I told her that I live less then one hour driving away from the rest of the family. She thought a bit and said: "Then you are probably very sad." I asked her how she meant. She replied: "Because we live all here and you live far away." 

I loved her for her comment. She isn't even four and yet she is thinking about how someone else feels. I saw so much of me in her. 

I explained to the little one that I am not sad since I have a car so I can visit them whenever I want.


I can't share the photo of the beautiful kids. So I am sharing a photo of the beautiful Slovenian mountains. I went hiking to 2.000 meters+ with my parents in October. My resolution for the 2023: to do many more hikes (hopefully my knees will agree with this plan).



  1. Oh, your mountains are stunning. I hope your knees are cooperative too!
    And how lovely that the little girl thought about your feelings. (And didn't say the usual thing about having children!) It sounds like you had a lovely day. And I also loved being able to picture you all there!

  2. Oh dear - I think I just posted as Anonymous. It was me, Mali!

  3. What a joyful day! I love your thoughtful young niece.

    The picture of the Slovenian mountains is gorgeous!!

  4. Beautiful Slovenian mountains indeed! How wonderful to spend time with children and have such an emotionally connected niece. A little annoying though to feel like having a gaggle of children made you "visible" -- sigh. And mmm, cake!