Wednesday, September 28, 2022

First covid

I was doing such a good job protecting myself from covid19 for the last 3 years. But I had to go on a business trip for few days, I met tons of people and I came home with covid. 

I was very ill for two days (almost 39 C & severe headaches). Today is the day number 5 of the illness and I am feeling already much better.

Luckily I have been vaccined 3x so far, so I hope that the worst part of the illness is behind me.


  1. I am sorry you caught covid, but I am so glad to read that you are already feeling better! We all have to work so there is not much in our control. I'm glad you were vaccinated. I'm sure that helped you not get sicker. Hoping you continue to feel better and better.

  2. Dear Klara,

    Good recovery! I am sorry to hear you caught the virus as well, but it is a relief to know that you are already better. Please take good care of yourself <3.

    Much love!