Sunday, October 31, 2021

Autumn colours

I went for a drink with  some friends. It was a nice evening, we were listening to a concert of a local band.

I noticed that also the father of the two members was listening to the concert. While listening to the concert I observed the father, he is already in his late 70s.  I know him - during the student years he and his wife stopped many times and drove me to university or back while I was hitchhiking. They were always very kind to me.

His face was shining - he looked so proud and happy when listening to his two sons. His eyes were full of love. He looked like someone who has everything that matters - right there in that moment.

Observing this intimate moment didn't make me sad. I know I will never have exactly that. But I refused to compare my life to any other life. I refuse to do injustice to my life.

I am attaching a photo that I do today on our walk with my husband and our dog. I love warm autumn colours.  I love walking through our beautiful forests so much.


  1. "I refused to compare my life to any other life. I refuse to do injustice to my life." - Exactly. Well done, dear Klara <3.

    I love the picture!

  2. I'm so pleased that moment didn't make you sad. Because you were with friends, doing something fun, listening to a band you like, having a lovely time. And then you got to go on a walk with your DH and dog amidst gorgeous autumn colours. It ALL sounds wonderful - and it was on your terms too!

    Brava! (And love.)

  3. What a sweet observation you made. I am happy for that man, for you, and for me. May everyone feel good, be at ease, and enjoy their lives <3

  4. Dear Klara,
    isn't it great that you were also able to enjoy the moment with the father and be happy for him instead of wishing you were in his place? Everyone has a unique life and who knows what burden he might have to carry.

    I love the fall leaves and colors too! It's actually the most beautiful time of the year, and probably the one that goes by the fastest :-)

  5. Lovely photo, Klara -- I love the autumn colours too! I'm glad you had a good evening out. :)