Sunday, April 15, 2018


I have read a very good article recently on NY Times:

that explains maternal grandparent advantage. When reading this article I realized that it confirms what I have always known - there is also a maternal aunt advantage.

I have two nieces and I always try to get permission from their parents (which in reality means permission of my sister-in-law) to do some fun stuff together. And 4 times out of 5 my request is denied - for whatever lame excuse. It is such a pity - because the girls love me. And I love them.

The truth is that I was humiliated many times. If it wasn't for the girls, I would just give up.

But I don't want them growing up thinking that I don't love them. Because that is what they would think - because they would know that I am always taking only my cousin's kids for fun activities.

The older niece is almost a teenager, so currently I am not very interesting for her. But the little one, aged six, is in the best age for cuddling with her aunt. Whenever she sees me she jumps into my lap and cuddles like no other ever cuddled with me. She is so sweet.

And then there are my cousin's kids (this is my cousin with whom we lived all our childhood together in one house so she feels like my sister). There I have a maternal aunt advantage.

My cousin was checking the contacts that her almost 9-year-old daughter has in her mobile when she saw how the little one saved my number: NaughtyAuntKlara. 

My cousin asked her daughter whether Klara is her aunt and the little one confirmed.  So sweet!

I know that when the kids come into teenage years I will loose them, most probably for good. I decided not to worry about that loss now. I will only enjoy in the moments that I have with them now. It is lovely to be a part of their childhood.


  1. Naughty Aunt Klara hahaha, I love that!! I love childhood and I love that you are enjoying the time you have with your cousin's kids now without worrying about how it will change when they get older.

    The maternal side of the family thing--that makes sense. I am close to my sisters' kids. Even now that they are young adults and we live in different states, I still stay in touch with my niece and nephew. I haven't seen my husband's siblings' kids in many, many years (one I have never even met), and they live in the same city as us. It used to make me sad, but I had to let it go.

  2. Naughty Aunt Klara :-D
    Love it, too.
    Happy Friday <3

  3. This is really lovely! Naughty Aunt Klara indeed. I remember ones of my nieces describing me as "eccentric." I decided it was better than "boring!"