Sunday, February 12, 2017

Toujours avec nous

What is the cutest thing that any child ever told you?

My husband and I went to the airport, just to say goodbye to our new friends. They were checking the luggage so we waited aside. The little 3-year-old princess came to me, took my hand and brought me in the line, to wait together with them. We all laughed, it was so extra cute.  Then my friend asked her daughter: "So, is Klara coming with us?"   And the little one replied: "toujours avec nous." (which means: always with us).

My heart just melted.

Most of the time I am in peace with my childlessness. But in moments like that I really regret that we don't have such a perfect little girl of our own.


  1. Aaahw... j'ai une petite larme... ♥

  2. Well it's not what she said, but what she did. I was with a kindergartener one-on-one, teaching her how to read. She had learned several letters and their sounds but hadn't put it all together yet to read words. The first time she read a sentence she got so excited she jumped in my lap. It was the cutest thing!! :)

  3. How lovely! I'm sad, yes, that you don't have such a perfect little girl of your own. But I'm very glad that you feel the warmth of such a child, and that she has had the privilege of spending time with someone as special as you.

    I'm not sure what's the cutest thing that a child has said to me. But I remember something when I was a 17 year old exchange student in Thailand - you might be able to relate to it! My little Thai sister, who was only about three or four at the time, asked me a question. There was one word I didn't know. Her father laughed, and translated for me.
    "Why are you as tall as a giraffe?" she asked?!

  4. Such a special moment! Both the happy and the sad at the same time.