Saturday, February 18, 2017


My husband's results are finally back.
Bad news: cancer confirmed. Basal cell carcinoma.
Good news: all carcinoma tissue was removed, so no additional treatment is needed. I am very thankful for that.

When driving on a highway from Italy back home, 140 km/hour, a truck partially blocked me. I was millimeters away from having a horrible crash. Luckily it ended well. But I was shaking for the rest of the day after that. 


  1. I am so thankful that they removed everything and no more treatment is needed! I'm sure he (and his doctors) will watch more closely in the future!

    I'm also so thankful that you weren't in a terrible accident!

  2. Sending you peace and calm vibes ..and some good books and good coffee. So happy that your DH is all okay, and that the scary driving experience ended all okay too.

  3. Sending love to you both. Take care in the sun. I'm so glad they could remove everything.

    D and I still talk about two near misses we have had. They stay with you, so I'm not surprised you were shaken by it.

  4. Oh gosh! I am definitely celebrating your and your husband's health today!!!

  5. What a scare this must have been! I am glad you got home unharmed.

    My best wishes for your husband's health - it is a relief that no treatment is needed.

  6. I am glad -- both that you avoided a bad accident, and about your husband's health! My mother also had a basal cell carcinoma removed some years ago, with no further treatment needed. It was in a place that usually doesn't see much sun, either. ;) If you can catch these things early, the prognosis is usually very good.

  7. Great news, but I will continue to think good thoughts <3

  8. thank you all for your kind comments!

  9. Woah..... Glad to know they removed it all. What a relief!