Saturday, December 17, 2016

What is with people who think that we are missing a piece of our souls?

This year my Christmas wish wasn't heard as much as last year. Last year I got approx 20 beautiful emails. This year I have got 2 beautiful emails, one from the USA, one from Europe. Well, better two then none. But, there is still a week till Christmas ;)

I am good. Very busy at work and also busy with all New Year's social events (mainly work related). I am having a good time, at least most of the time. But there has been one thought that my dear pen friend of mine wrote weeks ago and hasn't left my mind ever since: "What is with people who think that we are missing a piece of our souls?"   Or what is with some people that when they realize that I don't have children,  just stop talking.

Isn't that silly? Sometimes I would love to say - there are so many things you can talk about with me. Books, travelling, sport activities if I name just three.


  1. I'm writing an email ... I just haven't finished yet. And there's still a week! lol

    And yes, it is silly to stop talking to someone just because they don't have kids. The people who do this - they're the ones who are lacking. And it is their loss, because they're missing out on getting to know an amazing person.

    I once had a boss (my Ambassador in Thailand) who wouldn't talk to me - he made the assumption that because I didn't have the right background, or go to the right private schools, or speak with the right accent, that I had nothing to share with him. He didn't take time to find out that we both shared a love of classical music, and that I could talk about sports, or that I might have insight into Thai politics that could be useful to him. But it was his loss in the end, not mine.