Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mali's post & some new photos from Italy

I just returned from another trip to Italy (region north - east of Venice), I am attaching few photos. The weather was just picture perfect. Very cold and sunny.  

This time I wasn't travelling alone as usually, I was with a coworker. She is a kind person, but so focused on her children that she almost  literally does not speak about anything else.  

I was feeling a bit blue when I came home. My spirit lifted when I read Mali's latest post:
I was deeply touched when reading her lines. 

I feel like an outsider most of the time. It is so lovely to see that I do belong somewhere.

Thank you Mali, for everything.


  1. Dear Klara, I completely understand that you were feeling blue after having spent that much time with a colleague who only talks about her children. I am glad that Mali's post has lifted your spirits. Wishing you a good second advent Sunday!

  2. I'm sure you belong a lot more places than you think. But yes, you definitely belong here and with us all. You're a very important part of our community.

    PS. You know that I'm also jealous of your travels.