Monday, December 26, 2016

After Christmas thoughts

I am never lonely for Christmas. I always spend it with my husband, we go for a long walk with beloved Wolfie and we are invited to my parents, to eat my mom's delicious traditional sweet pastry.

I feel that I do belong somewhere, that I do belong to one family.

Hopefully this will not happen for many decades, but when my parents are gone, where will I belong? There will be only two of us, me and my husband. 


  1. I'm sure, when your parents are gone, there'll be somewhere for you to go. Or you will invite others to your house - maybe family, maybe people who don't have anywhere else to go either - to eat your delicious food.

  2. I have had these thoughts too, but no answers yet. I am sure we'll muddle through when the time comes, as we have always done...! (((hugs!)))

  3. dear Mali and dear Loribeth, thank you for your comments.