Thursday, July 7, 2016

Asking a stupid question

I made a stupid thing today.

We had a business event and there was a guy my age. He was kind, chatty and full of stories. I misunderstood him something. Anyway, when I chatted with him alone I asked him if his children also train the same sport as he did when he was younger. He replied: "No, I don't have children yet."

This is the first time in the last decade that I asked someone so silly (I know, I should have listened better!).  I quickly apologized for asking (I knew nothing about this guy, except that he married ten years ago).

He just smiled and said: "No, it is OK, I don't have kids yet, but I will have them one day."

(only later on I found out that he is divorced and is dating a much younger girl).

Needless to say,  I felt silly twice. First to ask stupid question. Second for being envious of a man exactly my age, who has still a decade or more time to get a newborn. Woman my age? No time left.


  1. I think you should give yourself a pass on this one. You misunderstood something and that's the only reason that you asked. And he didn't seem too bothered by it.

    I always have a pang of jealousy when I think of men my age and much older and how they can father a child indefinitely. I also struggle with women who are older than I am who can conceive with ease.

  2. Dear Klara, please do not beat yourself up for this. You are such a kind and caring person. I do not think it did any harm to him :-).
    Yes, I have often thought that it is unfair that men can have children a lot older than women...

  3. Kids are over rated anyway !!!!
    Cheer up !

  4. It was an honest mistake, Klara. Don't worry too much about it! <3

  5. Oh dear, I am rolling my eyes at his reply to you. Yes, men get it easy. It's not fair but nothing about this is.