Friday, June 17, 2016

I am a gift?

I got an excellent news this week. The 16-year-old boy whom I taught English & German this year got good final grades. I didn't really like that boy at first, when we started, more than a year ago. He was a terrible rebelious teen. But during the last year he changed, I really like him now. I guess that during 100 hours of learning together I got used to the kid. I won't see him now for three months and it is silly, but somehow I miss him.

I got a beautiful text from the boy's mother (only two years older then me)  few weeks ago, saying "You are a wonderful gift for our family." I was deeply touched. And since then, this thought hasn't left my mind.

This was always the concept how I envisioned my life: I always did the right things, was hard working, finished with good grades secondary school and then university. I started to work (and have been working now without a break for 18 years). Met the love of my life, got married. And somehow I just expected, since everything always went so smoothly, that I am just entitled to get a gift. Our child.

I got it all wrong. There isn't such thing as being entitled to a gift.
But, perhaps I can be a gift to someone?
Perhaps I already am?

(I definetely was a gift for the snail that I saved from a road today, when cycling : )


  1. You are a gift to many people. Me included.

  2. Ah, dear Klara, you are a gift to so many! To me as well :-).
    Your little story about the snail had me smiling, which is a gift in itself. Much love from rainy Switzerland <3

  3. Oh yes, you are definitely a gift. Not everyone can say that either, so it's not a statement to be taken for granted. These are not words that people would say lightly, so the boy and his mother must truly believe that you are a gift to them, with all their heart. How wonderful that she told you this.

    And cute end on the snail!

  4. You are a gift to me, too, Klara.
    love from NM

  5. dear BnB, Elaine, Mali and a friend from NM, thank you for your kind comments. xoxo, Klara

  6. How nice of that mother to let you know what you mean to her and her son! :) We all need to hear (& give) more compliments like this.

  7. Ditto!!! You truly are a gift! (And a most excellent friend and fellow travel adventurer!)