Thursday, July 7, 2016

My vegetable garden

I took those photos on my garden today.

My garden is full of life.  I often meet a frog in the middle of my  vegetable garden. I have there a beautiful caterpillar** and many ladybirds.

What a luxury it is to pick up my own lettuce. First three zucchinis will grow by Sunday.  Also 15 other sorts of vegetables grow and many beautiful flowers.

**Does anybody know this caterpillar? 


  1. You have the best garden! Glad you are finally able to start eating all of your hard work! :)

  2. That caterpillar is gorgeous! I love the last photo of a lettuce, with such beautiful spirals.

    You're making me jealous though - I love summer vegetables, but yesterday made a big pot of winter soup from winter root vegetables. Not quite the same!

  3. The vegetables and flowers look beautiful.....and the colouring on the frog is amazing!

    I had a quick search for the caterpillar – it might be this one: common yellow old world swallowtail caterpillar/butterfly

    Happy Eating!

  4. What a beautiful garden! The caterpillar will become a dovetail butterfly (papilio machaon). It is actually my favorite caterpillar - in my language we call it "carrot caterpillar" (Rüebliraupe) because it likes to eat the greens of carrots :-).

  5. There is nothing quite so good as vegetables picked fresh from your own garden. :) My dad has a pretty big garden, and we will be going to visit soon, hopefully just as the yellow wax beans, carrots and potatos are ready. Yum!!