Thursday, May 19, 2016

Meet Elaine, new blogger who writes about life after infertility

Do you remember what I wished for Christmas? I got many kind emails that made my December meaningful. One of them was from Elaine, here are the kind words that she wrote me:

"I am still in recovery. One of the things that help me is your blog (and other blogs). It makes me feel less alone in my struggles. That's why I want to thank you for writing about infertility. It does make a difference. For me and many other women, I am sure."

I got a new email from Elaine today, I learnt that she started to write her blog and I am happy to share the link with you:

It is in German. The ones who don't speak German, don't let the language barier to prevent you reading the blog. It is great fun to follow the blog in foreign language with the help of google translate.

Dear Elaine - wishing you all the best! And since you live a driving distance away from me, I do hope we will meet one day for a coffee somewhere.


  1. Dear Klara,
    Thank you so much for this kind introduction here on your blog. I am deeply touched!
    Kind regards from Switzerland,

  2. Ohhh! I can't wait to follow! I wish I knew German but Google translate will work ok. :)

  3. Thank you, Klara, for introducing Elaine. It is reassuring to see how much we can help ourselves and others through kindness and compassion.

  4. I look forward to reading Elaine's blog. I always think our group is strengthened every time someone joins and expands our numbers. I hope she won't mind comments in English!

  5. Awesomeeeee! It's cool to connect with different people around the world. :-)

  6. Thank goodness for Google Translate! -- I have started to follow a few blogs in other languages with its help, and it's been so much fun! Thanks for the new link, Klara!

  7. There are days I feel so technically behind. I didn't know that there was a google translate!