Saturday, April 9, 2016

Reading with a small child? Priceless.

I visited my uncle who was babysitting his granddaughter, aged 6. She is very bright, but she doesn't really like to read. I told the little girl a story how I taught to read her mother and that I would love to read together with her too.

She was reading to me for about 15 minutes, I helped her only with long words, the rest she can already handle. It was just priceless.

I believe in moments like this, that I am building ties with next generation. I don't believe in buying things (I buy gifts only for birthdays).

There is a 15-year-old boy, I have been teaching him English and German for the last year. But the school stuff is getting already a bit difficult so I mentioned his mom already couple of times that they should find somebody who studied English and German. But the boy's mom wants me to continue (since I managed to change her rebellious teen to polite and kind teenager, at least during our hours together). I was chatting with the boy's mom the other day and I said that I had learned so much lately (for example all details  present simple / present continuous). The boy's mom said: "Isn't it good that you have a high school pupil in your life, you will learn so much in the next three years with him."

Yes, it is good to have him in my life. I know it is only for now (or for the next few years). But it feels good anyway.

Have you ever watched the movie Intern with Robert de Niro? It is an easy comedy. I liked it a lot.
Robert de Niro found a new job too. Not because he needed money when retired. But because he wanted to be connected. Needed. Appreciated. Cherished for who he is.


  1. Yes, this is definitely priceless. I love reading with little kids.

    I've never seen The Intern. I remember seeing advertisements for it though, and it looks good! I'll have to look it up and watch it.

  2. It’s been a few years since I’ve had a young child or niece/nephew to read to, but I still have my children’s book collection, ready for the next time.

    It’s nice to hear that your student’s mother has such a high regard for your teaching, and that the both of you are learning from each other.

  3. I love reading to my niece when she comes to stay. She's also very good at reading but says she doesn't like it. I cannot imagine that. I always loved to read.

    I'm a bit scared of 15 year old boys - I think it's the rebellious teen thing - so I am very impressed at you!