Sunday, March 13, 2016

I am back

In the last two weeks I spent most of the time working in Italy. I am attaching photo of one of my favourite Italian deserts, panna cotta con frutti di bosco. It was delicious.

And after coming back from two consecutive business trips to Italy, my life was just fully booked with walking my dog, the kids that I teach English/German, extra office work.  It actually feels good. Not having the time for thinking, reading nor writing about infertility.
Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday. Mine will be beautiful, I am just off for a whole-day walk with Wolfie.


  1. Oh yum, that looks delicious!

    Welcome back, I missed you. ; )

  2. Yes, you were missed, I was a bit worried about you. But to find you've had two wonderful weeks in Italy ... aaaah, Italia ...