Friday, January 8, 2016


I got many kind Christmas & New Years emails from my bloggie friends, telling me also why they read my blog. What my blog means to them. I was deeply touched by reading them. Thank you again.

This is part of the email that made my day:
"Please do keep writing your blog! You might be envious of my youth, but I'm envious of the peace and wisdom you seem to have tonnes of!"

Yes, I intend to keep writing. Since writing a blog was very therapeutic for me.

So far my blog has 90,999 pageviews & 2,300 comments.
When I started writing 4 years ago, I never thought the numbers of the blogs will ever get that high.

I am an introverted person, so starting a new work year is always a bit stressful. Since it means I have to wish Happy New Year to all of my coworkers and business partners that I meet in a week after which means lots of kissing (on the cheeks) with like 150 people. It went quite well. This year I didn't get any "may all your wishes from the bottom of your heart come true" "may you get everything you wish for". But I did get lots of wishes that include lots of travelling. Just a perfect wish for me!
I guess having first grey hair blocks any wishes about pregnancy / adoption .

I read this story today:

It is so sad to think that you get a baby available for an adoption because a young mother didn't get enough help. Can't even imagine how heartbroken those young mother must be.
You see, I have a soft spot for young mothers. My mom was only 17 when I was born. And luckily I had a granny (she was 38 when I was born) who took care of me and my mom when we needed her the most.


  1. Hi Klara,
    From one introvert to another – it’s nice when an occasion that has you bothered before you even arrive, turns out to be more enjoyable than you’d imagined.

    I wish you much more travel as well ; )

  2. It always freaks me out that I'm closer to your mother's age than I am to yours! lol

    I also had to laugh about the grey hair. A colleague (a woman just a year or two older than me) took great pleasure in pointing out I had a grey hair when I was 27!! It comes from my dad's family - he had a cousin going grey at 16, and he went grey in his late twenties early thirties.