Sunday, December 14, 2014


A pen friend of mine (childless, not by choice)  told me that she feels invisible a lot of the time. This word has been sticking in my mind for the whole weekend, since it so perfectly describes how I feel, very often.

I went for a walk&talk date with my best friend. Nowadays we do this only once every two weeks for one hour, since she is so busy with her two kids.

I really love her. But it was kind of  hard to hear about all of her plans for the summer holidays.  She would prefer to go for a week to the seaside to destination X with family A and her husband prefers destination Y and family B. And the kids prefer the kids of the family A, but prefer destination Y.

I felt so invisible.

Nobody makes any summer plans with me and my DH. We are just always alone.

And that's why our American holidays were so special for us, we did have the best travelling buddies possible. Here is one lovely photo, as a memory of the perfect holidays.

The work New Years Party was actually great. I didn't drive so this year I could drink few cocktails. They helped :)
And the music was loud, so even the most annoying mommy-coworkers could not share their kids story.

So, it was pefect. We were dancing and drinking and laughing over some silly jokes.
This party gave me the hope that I still can function well. And that everything will be OK one day.


  1. I laughed about the loud music.

    I can relate to the invisibility. My friend used to always tell me about having X, Y and Z friends and their kids over for "fish and chip picnics." (Basically, eat fish and chips on the floor out of the newspaper wrapping.) We were never included.

    But I can tell you that by the time you're in your 50s, you'll discover all those friends have free time. So I'm not so show it's you who are invisible, it's just that your friends (all of our friends) go through 10-15 years when they're wearing blinkers! (Blinkers = the eye shades they give horses so they can only see straight ahead?

    1. Oh, can relate regarding the blinkers. How true! And LOL on the loud music he he he he he he...

  2. I've been feeling invisible a lot lately too. It's a very lonely feeling.

    I'm so glad that your party was tolerable and even a bit enjoyable. I often have a cocktail or two in these situations too because it helps me loosen up a bit. Too bad there can't be loud music at every gathering where there are mommies!