Saturday, December 13, 2014

Each family gets one card

I briefly visited my brother's family. 

My oldest niece (7) told me that in the afternoon she was planning to do New Year cards.   Here is our conversation:

Me: "So will I get any card?"
Niece: "Of course."
Me: "Will my husband also get any card?"
Niece: "Of course. You will get one card together. Each family gets one card." 

How lovely she is! And how smart! For her, we are a family.  

(I know I shouldn't have favourites, but she is my favourite child. I really think she got a kind heart from me).


  1. She sounds amazing!

    I have a favorite niece too. She isn't quite two years old. She has a personality very similar to mine. Confident yet rolls with the punches, doesn't get bent out of shape by much and is very independent. Plus she loves my dog and has pictures of him by her bed that she kisses before she goes to sleep every night. :)

    1. Your niece sounds amazing too.
      I am new to your blog, so I didn't know you have a dog. I have to re-visit your blog, besides everything else also to discover what kind of dog you have.
      (I still miss my beloved dog every day).

    2. I honestly don't know if I've mentioned my dog on my blog in anything more than general terms. He is a spoiled rotten six year old Weimaraner named Ziggie. I can email you a picture or seven if you would like to "meet" him. :)

      I recall seeing a picture of your dog. He was gorgeous!

    3. dear K, I would love love love to get seven photos of Ziggie.
      klara.soncek (at)
      Weimaraners are beautiful and smart dogs.

  2. Kids speak the truth! (And if she has a fraction of your kind heart, then she is a lovely child indeed.)