Thursday, March 20, 2014

Missing beloved Wolf

There were two pair of gloves in the box for dirty clothes, waiting to be washed from October on. I used them in winter or sometimes on cold mornings when walking beloved Wolf.  

The gloves were the only thing left that still had a smell of him. I wasn't ready to wash them until yesterday. Now they are dry already, so I kissed them, said goodbye and put them in the drawer. So sad!

With my beloved Wolf I learned how short and precious life is.   

My favourite post all times is this one: 

Yes, he really was the Master of Living in a Moment.

I miss him terribly. 

PS: the photo was taken in the nort-west of my country, the lake is in the middle of the national park. If / when you wish to learn more about the lake, I will be happy to tell you more:   klara.soncek (at)


  1. Our pets are such a huge important part of our lives and I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Wolf.

  2. What a lovely photo!! And (((hugs))) to you, Klara.

  3. Fabulous photo, and I fully understand how you feel. February was one year since we lost our Jake.