Saturday, March 15, 2014

Do I have any reader from Normandy?

to: my dear reader from Normandy 

My father-in-law is 85, and is very ill. It was only few days ago that we were able to locate the exact coordinates of the grave of his brother, that he lost during WWII.

I was there when he got coordinates. It was sad to see the pain in his eyes. He lost his brother almost 70 years ago, but he never forgot him. He told me how sorry he was that he never was able to lit a candle for him and visit the grave.  

If you live near Caen, I would be happy if you could lit a candle for my husband's uncle (it would be the first candle lit in 69 years) and send me a photo. 

my contact: 

Merci beaucoup!



My husband and I would love to visit Normandy one day, but it will not be for another couple of years.

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