Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pain & Happiness

Me & my best girl-friend married in the same year, only a month apart. We were so excited - we were both sure our first children would be born in the same year. 

I don't really want to remember the darkest days of my infertility. Let me just say that it was really hard for me to accept the fact that she was going to have the first child and I am not. It was really difficult to visit her new-born son for the first time.   But, accepting the news of her second pregnancy was even harder.

Her boy is now 8. Yesterday was the second time that I had him for whole afternoon. And it was the first time that we were doing his homework together. It was lovely. He was very motivated (I admit - I used a bit of bribing - we went in between for a walk to the shopping centre, to buy delicious chocolate&vanilla donats. Yummy!)

When his dad picked him up, I talked to the boy and the dad when could I have him for the next time. We all agreed that it would be perfect occasion in 14 days. Then I suddenly noticed that his little sister (aged 6) stares at me sadly with her beautiful blue eyes. I asked her what is it. And she replied: "I want to come to you to do my homework too." 

How extra cute is that? So - I am getting two children in 14 days :) :)


I love life. It is full surprises. I never thought I would be able to look forward to my time with other children again. 


  1. AWWWWWW...that's so nice that you're going to be able to spend time with the both of them in 2 weeks' time. :-D :-D :-D And it's encouraging for me to know that you can spend time with them and enjoy it fully.

  2. Oh, enjoy them both! :) It's so nice when kids WANT to spend time with you! :)

  3. They clearly adore you...and knowing you as I do, it's easy to see why.