Saturday, February 8, 2014

A granddaughter

I just got a personal message on my FB.  My ex-boss (I worked for her ten years ago) sent me a message saying:
"So how are you? Anything new***? Nothing much new with me except that  my granddaugher is growing up so fast."

***she does know of my infertility issues. Or better said: she knew and probably forgot or just did not care.

What can I reply to a message like this? We  haven't been in touch for the last five years and all she can say are news regarding her granddaughter.

What can I reply?  I am still infertile. Still childless. And of course, grandchildless for good. 

***)/&%#! == (=lots of ugly words, they help to send away the anger).

I did what I do the best: I deleted the message. And I will just pretend that I never read it. So yes, a problem easily solved. My way.

I just hope that one day, when I am old and grey, my messages to younger excoworkers will be witty, inspiring and not hurting.  They will include the news as:
- how good was my Italian cooking 3-week-course in Tuscany
- the best moments from walking the El Camino
- I will invite them to stop by and try my homegrown vegetables (my zucchinis will be amazing) 
- how lovely it is to be the oldest student in a language school, learning for the first time Japanese / Arabic / Portugese / Spanish / Mandarine / ...
- hundreds of ideas to follow


  1. I would say that even someone with children would prefer to hear about you and your text messages. Sounds like some amazing plans.

  2. I always think people who ONLY talk about their children or grandchildren have very limited lives or imaginations. I think of my closest friends with children - one is loving her new job for a charity (and has other interesting things on the go), one is living overseas and so would talk about her latest discovery in Poland, and one (a grandmother too) is planning a trip to Peru, and has just had a contract extended. None of them would write such a limited email/text, updating their last five years like that.

    I love your plans. I want to do the Italian cooking course with you! (You can translate, because I've forgotten my limited Italian already!) And your zucchinis will be amazing, I know! And I intend learning languages into my 70s/80s too.

    1. dear Mali,
      going to Italy for a cooking class with you would be lovely!
      I wouldn't be surprised if we made the wish come true one day...
      lots of love,

  3. Ouch to that text message. And I LOVE your plans as well. I agree with Mali about interesting parents/grandparents who can talk about other stuff as well rather than just about their children/grandchildren. I'm also thinking about learning another language in the future (maybe Japanese because I learnt it once in High School and we do want to go visit that country one day and it'll definitely help us a lot if I can also speak a little Japanese, if not more than a little he he he...). :-D