Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happiness Is Just a Jog Away

What is the happiest moment of your childhood? 

Mine was when I was six and my cousin was born (we lived in the same house). She always felt like a sister to me. I loved her more than anybody else.

She was not really that close to my brother. 

So it really hurts to see that nowadays she visits my brother all the time and me hardly ever. I get it. They both have children similar age so it is perfect for them to hang out together.

I admit it. I am jealous and envious. I can imagine how many nice afternoons could I spend with her and her kids, if I had kids of my own.

Today I let myself to be miserable about it for fifteen minutes. Then I dressed my brand new Nike jogging wear (it is lovely) and went for a jog. Now I feel great.

This is my recipe for happiness: lots and lots of long walks / jogging / cycling. 


  1. Hugs.

    And could you tell her that you miss her? Maybe she just doesn't realise.

    1. Yes, I guess she does not realize. But I don't want to tell her. She would have guilty feeling and she would visit me more often (or invite me). But then I would have guilty feeling because her kids prefer to spend time with their (almost) cousins. So yes, it is complicated.

      I just returned from 20-minutes of jogging (can not jog more for a moment), so I am at peace with the world. It is what it is. And I have to make most of it what I have.