Friday, December 13, 2013

I want MY Christmas bonus

We found out today that this year will be the first year ever that we are not getting a Christmas bonus.
As a consolation we were told that this year's kids' Christmas presents (that kids of the employees get every year) will be much richer as before.

Can something else make me more pissed off?
The company is using MY Christmas bonus to buy gifts for OTHER children.


I am not allowing that this will spoil my first Happy December.
(well, it is not completely happy. I miss my beloved Wolf terribly, today I was dreaming about him).


  1. UGHHHHH...that totally sucks. I mean, I understand their wish to give gifts to the children, but it's YOU and the parents who've worked hard for the company, not the kids.

    HUGS, Klara...Wolf was such a lovely dog...

    1. dear Amel,
      thank you for the hugs. Hugs back!

  2. I don't quite understand gifts to the children. The childless employees get cheated in that scheme:(

  3. I am sorry but that just plain sucks and I would be so pissed off...UGH!

  4. Seriously??! I would be pissed off too. :p

  5. Sorry, I thought I had responded to this. I was annoyed on your behalf.

    I wonder if it's worth emailing those who made the decision about this, pointing out that this just cheats those who don't have children. All the young, the singles, those who don't have kids at the right age (including those who have children who have now grown up), are subsidising gifts to a specific group in the company. And that is creating two classes of employees - hardly bringing them all together.