Thursday, October 31, 2013

Seriously? Really?

Luckily I had a busy day in the office yesterday, I was working for 12 hours. It was good. It kept my mind off my beloved Wolf.

We are encouraged to use Skype with our business partners. And I use it also for chatting in private purposes sometimes.

I was online with a coworker from another department who lost a brother few years ago because of a cancer. I wished her quiet and not too painful holidays: 1st November is all Saints Day, it is a holiday in our country. Most of people visit the graves of their relatives.

My coworker wrote me how she misses her brother. And that she explains to all her friends / coworkers / people she knows that they should get along better with their siblings.

I wrote back that I appreciate my brother more since I know that she lost hers.
And I added that sometimes I remind my close friends that they should appreciate their children more.

And guess what was her reply back? I am quoting:
"Klara, I really hope you will change your mind regarding the adoption. You would be so much happier if you adopted."

Seriously? Really? 

If I were mean, I would write back that she can borrow my brother from time to time. Let's say once every two weeks (this is how often I see my brother). So she would have a brother too.

Nobody can replace her brother. I know that.
And nobody can replace our children that were not meant to be born. How can she not accept that? 

And yes. I am and was extremly sad for the last few days. But it is because I lost my second best friend. Not because I am childless.


  1. Goodness! People can be so annoying! Ugh...:-((( Bless your heart for not being mean, Klara! I felt like wanting to say something back to her...

  2. UGH...some people just don't get it. There is no replacing one for another...come on. You are a "bigger" person than I because I would have said something back, I wouldn't be able to hold back. Sending you prayers during this very sad time.

  3. Oh no. I bet you rolled your eyes. As you know not so long ago a friend suggested this to me too. I read this though, and think that your friend/colleague is uncomfortable with your situation (knowing that it is not what you wanted) and doesn't know how to react, so tries for the "quick fix" solution. But it is frustrating feeling that she doesn't accept your life as it is.

  4. Klara, I'm so sorry you had this inconsiderate response. I wouldn't know how to respond to something like that. It's flabbergasting.