Sunday, October 13, 2013

My beloved Wolf

It was a beautiful warm sunny autumn Sunday today. One year ago DH, me and our beloved Wolf would probably be whole day outside, on a walk that would be from 15 to 20 kilometers long.

Today we managed to walk only 2 kilometers and it made the Wolf really tired. Then we rested and read newspapaers & magazines together.

Wolf's illness made me realize, how everything in life passes by. And that we have to enjoy each moment as it is, too the fullest. 

My beloved Wolf - I hope you will stay with us for many years. I can not imagine my life without you.


  1. I just love shepherds; they are so smart and loyal. While I say I look forward to the days where miss Andra-dog tires more easily...when those days come, I bet I will look back and want spunky Andra back.

  2. Poor Wolf...I hope he also stays with you for a long time still...

  3. What a beautiful photo. So sorry to hear hes not well. May there be many more walks in the future.

  4. Sending love to you and your beautiful Wolf xo

  5. I am glad you had a good day with Wolf, and that you're cherishing every moment you have with him. It is a good lesson for us all. Hugs.