Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Injections? No, thank you.

I am glad that we cancelled IVF with egg donation that was already booked for end of April. If we wouldn't cancel it, I would be already on injections, suffering all kind of side effects.

I had 9 normal IVFs and 1 with egg donation and I can tell you that the one with egg donation was the hardest.

Anyway, I am happy that I will be able to enjoy drugfree Spring & Summer.

And I am happy never ever in my life to take any infertility drugs again.


  1. Then I'm happy for you. :-D :-D :-D

    1. :) thanks Amel!
      I thought, when cancelling in Winter, that April would be hard. Since no IVF treatment (=and no possibility of concieving) is waiting for me.

      But I am doing OK.

      After so many years I finally feel alive... it is a great feeling! I guess that planning my holidays really helps. Today I booked accommodation in Kuala Lumpur and Cameron Highlands. So, life is good :)

    2. Feeling alive is really something, isn't it? I agree that waiting for something that may not happen is really frustrating...

      HAVE FUN on your holidays then! We also have a small holiday coming up...for summer we don't know yet where to go. We shall see. :-D

  2. 10 IVFs is an enormous amount to go through. I'm not surprised that you are enjoying your drugfree spring and summer.

    And the Malaysia trip is sounding very exciting. I'm excited for you - the people are fun, and the food is really good!