Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby girl in Melbourne

I have just seen news on FB: a friend of mine just had a baby girl. I am really happy for her & sad for me. As always, when a new baby is born.

I met my Aussie friend 11 years ago, when I was working for one month in Germany. We instantly got along and only few weeks later she visited me in Slovenia. After that we met for few times, we always had a great time together.

Also their story was not an easy one.. the baby girl is a miracle baby from their 4th IVF attempt.

One of the nicest invites that I ever got was from this Aussie friend, in autumn, after failed 10th IVF. She invited me & DH to live with them for a month or few months.... if we decided to try luck in the best infertility clinic in Melbourne. Isn't that sweet? I will be always grateful for this invitation.

But I am done with hoping & trying & infertility drugs & IVFs. When we go to Australia (in the next few years), it will be only for holidays.


  1. It's amazing how we can become firm friends with someone after brief encounters, and now with technology we can maintain those friendships across the world.

    PS. Don't forget to come to NZ too!

    1. I would love to come to NZ one day! As I probably already told you, I already have a Lonely planet guide. But I guess now I won't need it since now I have a real guide :)