Monday, June 6, 2022

A prayer


How to put million thoughts into few lines? I'll try. 

Yesterday  when I was cycling with my husband we passed by a church that had beautiful roses. I don't pray often but yesterday I stopped for a minute to say a prayer. 

I deeply admire the courage of Ukrainian people fighting for their country and for their freedom. The first prayer was for Ukraine and its people.

The second prayer was for me. I have just had minor surgery, skin cancer removal. I'm still waiting for the results of pathology. 


  1. Praying with you <3 Beautiful roses, precious life <3

  2. Hoping for the best und sending you my love!

  3. Waiting for medical results is so hard!! Sending good thoughts your way. <3

  4. I'm so sorry you had some more skin cancer. Hoping that the results are as positive (in a good way) as possible.